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This website presents to you a fresh approach to the Mayan Cosmology, giving you both a practical working knowledge of your personal birthday sign as well as an array of wonderful innovative products to inspire and enlighten you!


* Stunning, individually hand crafted and hand painted wall tiles and jewellery reflecting your personal birthday sign. Artistry to treasure, whether you know a lot or a little about the cosmology! Clothing, gifts, accessories etc to cherish.

* Journey through this timeless cosmology with a detailed 'soul reading' which outlines your personal characteristics and life path.

* Download the latest information on the 'galactic energies' at play and discover through the Mayan Cosmology the greater meaning for Planet Earth.

* Key in to our 'Mayan Workshop' timetable for the coming year!


When you align yourself with the Mayan energies, your life begins to take on meaning and purpose.


Jayne Laverick is a Reiki Practitioner, Crystal Healer, Master/Teacher in Magnified Healing & Workshop host and has been a student of the Mayan Cosmology for several years. Her sensitive and caring approach to all who cross her sphere is indicative of her Imix (red dragon) sign as nurturer and carer born to 'serve the light'.


Jacky Blakeway is a Psychotherapist,Spiritual Counsellor, Author, Soul Reader & Master/Teacher in Magnified Healing. Her natural positivity and sensitive guidance has assisted hundreds of people over the years to release limiting belief systems. Jacky truly lives her sign Caban (red earth) and navigates her way through life, following her inner guidance, whilst acting as a conduit and guide for others during the changing frequencies of planet Earth. 


Rachel Harrold is a Reiki Practitioner, Master/Teacher in Magnified Healing, Crystal Healer and has also studied Astrology as well as being a student of the Mayan Cosmology for several years.  Ben (red skywalker), her personal sign teaches us to 'step beyond the boundaries' and move out of our comfort zone. Rachel has met many of life's challenges through her gentle courage and quiet leadership, whilst developing along the way her many and varied artisitic and creative talents.